The Ride Movie Tour

Four men ditch their wheelchairs for a quad bike adventure, traversing the rugged terrain of their tragic past.

Donations will be used to take The Ride documentary on a tour of regional WA mid 2014.  Click the button above to donate now.

See below for Kimberley screening tour dates.

About the Documentary

Who would have thought the outback was wheelchair accessible?

Strap yourself in as four Aussie blokes swap wheelchairs for quad bikes and embark on the ride of their lives.  This documentary charts their 5000km adventure across the outback, as they visit the crash sites where their lives changed forever. Three men are paraplegics and one a quadriplegic, making this no ordinary road movie. Their encounters with mud, deserts, floods and exhaustion test their resilience and endurance to breaking point. Fuelled by bold humour and disarming honesty, The Ride is a wild traverse across the terrain of the human spirit, as four men make peace with the tragedy of their past.

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