The Great Bike Hike

The Group's most ambitious project followed an intrepid group of cyclists en route as they journeyed from Perth to Broome in 2012

The Group is the proud sponsor and partner organisation of The Great Bike Hike - supporting projects for the benefit of people with disability and mental illness in local communities en route from Perth to Broome Sunday 19th August to Saturday 15th September 2012.

This major project incorporates principles of the Disability Services Commission initiative 'Count Me In' Future Directions Strategy launched in 2009.  "The strategy is of critical importance to developing a Western Australia which embraces and enacts the vision for all people to live in welcoming communities that facilitate citizenship, friendship, mutual support and a fair go for everyone"

The Great Bike Hike forged a trail of positive community events to enhance inclusion, awareness and facilities for people with a disability as the intrepid group of cyclists made their way through townships between Perth and Broome.

The 'Hike' provided a focal point for townships along its length to celebrate their achievement of specific projects for the benefit of people with a disability in the community.

For further information, visit The Great Bike Hike website, download the brochure, or download the book.