Fairholme Projects

The Group is proud to support projects in the community, providing enriching experiences for people with a disability and mental illness.

Community and the arts combine in successful 'Out There' exhibtion
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Jim Cairns and Rex Baker, from The Ride, took on Australasian Safari 2014, the same event during which Jim was involved in the accident that resulted in his incomplete paraplegia.
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Four men ditch their wheelchairs for a quad bike adventure, traversing the rugged terrain of their tragic past.
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Everyone's an artist. It doesn't matter if you have a disability or not, it's about an inclusive community and that's what we're creating.
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Making a residence more welcoming, appealing, interesting and enjoyable by providing additional amenities & furnishings.
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The creation of enabling gardens (therapy and sensory) are relatively low cost, and can be easily developed to meet either individual and/or collective needs.
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Promoting a framework for strengthening active involvement at all levels
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Assisting people with disability, mental illness and/or families and carers to speak out, make their concerns known and/or make their own informed choices.
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The Group's most ambitious project followed an intrepid group of cyclists en route as they journeyed from Perth to Broome in 2012
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The Lost Generation Project refers to a group of people with intellectual disability who have been institutionalised for most of their lives, and have little or no connection to their community. Each has a story yet to be told.
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Giving people with disability an opportunity to participate in individually designed fitness programs.
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