The Group continues to remain strategic and focused on the key elements of its Constitutional Objects, translating into continuing positive outcomes in the best interests of people with disability, mental illness, their families, carers and significant others. These being:

  • Safeguarding rights through strong advocacy and consultation
  • Promoting equality by way of inclusion to enable individual needs to be
    better met
  • Enhancing quality of life [all aspects] and promoting of independence
  • Assisting the further development and sustainability of an individual's
    and/or family's capacity
  • Developing, maintaining strong and sustaining collaborative
  • Advancing knowledge, pursuit of change and good practice
  • Encouraging action on issues that affect individuals, families and/or
    that are systemic, and
  • Acquiring funds to provide but are not limited to needs such as
    amenities, programs and services including recreational and leisure.

As in the past, to achieve the best possible outcomes the Group has continued to use a wide range of planning (strategic and operational) and actions to support and effectively meet each identified need.

Codes and Policies

To promote good practice all members observe and comply with the adopted Codes and Policies of the Group.

Continuous Disclosure

One of the Group's principles is continuous disclosure about disclosurable matters or events when they arise to enable members and significant others to make informed decisions or provide feedback when required. All major matters in particular those related to policy are always referred to a General Meeting for action resolution.